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Our CNC turning capabilities are all about turning your ideas into meticulously crafted CNC turned parts. With state-of-the-art machinery and an unrivalled personnel skillset that specialises in turning, we transform raw materials into consistently accurate parts. Whether you need simple cylindrical parts or intricate, feature rich components, our team of accomplished turners will be sure to satisfy your requirements.
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Here’s what you can expect when working with Infinity CNC.
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Request a Quote
Begin by completing our online quote request form. Provide information about your project, including material specifications, quantities, drawings, models and any other specific requirements.
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Receive Your Quote
The team will review your project details and promptly provide you with a comprehensive quote. If necessary, we'll include our recommendations to optimise the design and manufacturing process, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
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Project Planning
Once you approve our quote, we'll issue an order acknowledgement, input the details into our works order system, and then order the required materials and tooling.
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Manufacturing Begins
We bring your designs to life with unwavering precision and attention to detail. From programming to final inspection, we keep quality as our top priority.
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CNC Turning FAQs

CNC Turning is a machining process that uses computer numerical controlled (CNC) lathes to precisely shape and cut the material of choice which is held in a chuck that rotates whilst a cutting tool removes material to create the desired shape.
Metals such as aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel, brass, copper, bronze, lead and exotics such as titanium and Super Duplex and plastics such as PEEK, Nylon 6, and Acetal can all be machined in a CNC lathe.

CNC Turning offers several advantages, including high precision, tight tolerances, excellent surface finishes, and the ability to produce complex components with ease. It’s also cost-effective for both prototyping and production runs.

CNC Turning is capable of achieving very tight tolerances, often within the range of 0.001 to 0.005 millimetres. This level of precision makes it suitable for applications where accuracy is critical in CNC turning.

Factors influencing tolerance levels include:

1. Machine Accuracy: Higher-end CNC lathes with advanced features and better construction tend to offer greater precision.

2. Tooling Quality: The quality of cutting tools, their sharpness, and the rigidity of the setup contribute significantly to achieving tight tolerances.

3. Material Properties: Some materials may be more prone to dimensional changes due to factors like heat generation during machining, which can affect achievable tolerances.

4. Operator Skill and Experience: Experienced machinists can optimise machine settings and tool paths to achieve tighter tolerances.

When working with CNC machining, it’s essential to consider the specific requirements of the part and consult with machinists or manufacturers to determine the achievable tolerances for a particular project.

Yes, CNC Turning is versatile and can produce both simple cylindrical parts and complex components through the addition of our live tooling setup. Live tooling is accomplished through toolholders that can hold rotating cutting tools, allowing for a wider range of machining operations to be completed in a single setup. These tools are powered by a motor within the toolholder itself, allowing them to rotate and perform tasks such as drilling holes, cutting slots, or creating intricate shapes on the workpiece’s surface.

This capability significantly reduces the need for multiple setups and transfers between different machines, thus improving efficiency and accuracy in machining processes.

Lead times for CNC Turning projects can vary depending on factors like project complexity, material availability, and order quantity. However, we are known for our quick turnaround times, with some projects completed in as little as 24 hours.

Yes, we can provide various finishing options for your CNC turned parts, including bead blasting, all types of anodising, sherardising, powder coating, chrome-plating, and more. These finishes can enhance aesthetics, provide protection, or meet specific functional requirements.

Requesting a quote is easy. Simply fill out our online quote request form, providing details about your project, such as material specifications, quantities, and any drawings or specific requirements. Our team will review your request and provide a comprehensive quote for our CNC turning services.